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Over the past few years the scope and depth of the work we do and services we offer has increased listed below is a brief over view of what we do and the services we undertake:

Child Care programs, Assisting Children’s homes, Orphanages, Crisis Care Homes, Homes for abused and abandoned children, Underprivileged Children with various products and goods such as, Clothing Distributions, Bedding and Blanket Distributions, Child and Baby Skin care and baby products, Christmas Gifts, Fortified foods, Feeding projects, Food Parcels, Nutritional support, Multivitamin Supplements, Immune boosting supplements, Hygiene and toiletry products, School Supplies, Stationery, Christmas Parties, Sporting goods and equipment.

Elderly/Adult Care Programs, Assisting Frail and Elderly care centers, Burn Care Units, local Widows, destitute Elderly and Poverty stricken adults with various products and goods such as, Clothing Products, Bedding and Blankets, Skin Care Products, Fortified foods, Food Parcels, Nutritional Support, Immune Boosting Supplements, toiletry products, Hygiene Products, Specialized Medical Wound Care devices, Specialized Medical linen, Detergents and Consumable products.

Fund-raising Projects

At Present there are various projects that you can get involved in, for the latest Project News that International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit is undertaking please see our Newsletters on the Newsletters Link.

Currently I.O.S.O.S is trying to secure funds to Purchase property and Various other items that are needed to further our work:

Establishment of New Offices/Facilities for international Pastors and Mission workers, Holiday homes for Children In Durban, South Africa. Estimated Cost For Property R1,7 Million Rand.

In following the leading of the LORD, HE has impressed on our hearts to establish a more permanent presence in Durban South Africa, and to establish a more permanent base from where to work out of.

International Interest

Generally, interest in our Organisation has increased, and there are Pastors and Missionary Workers that anticipate joining our organisation for a time period to assist in the care giving, reaching out and sharing of the love of GOD and the word of GOD to those who’s lives The International Organisation of the sword of the spirit reaches.

Previously we had seven visiting Pastors from other nations visit us in Durban South Africa.

This is why I appeal to you for your support to help us to further the work / the vision and mandate that we feel so passionately about.

Our ongoing efforts to raise funds for the continuance of the holistic ministry work that we carry out in Durban South Africa, as well as in Lesotho, can be carried out more effectively by establishing a more permanent base in Durban South Africa.

International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit Is a NON-Profit Organisation, all financial support is tax deductible for you or your business.

International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit can also offer you a tax deductible invoice via our international 501c3 partners based in the United States.

We have identified an area where we anticipate buying property in Durban, South Africa. Presently we are trying to raise the funds to purchase this Property.

Current Financial Need:

  • Purchase and Establishing of base in Durban             R1,7 Million
  • 4X2 Vehicle for ministry        R 350 Thousand
  • 9 x 18Mt. Tent for Clinic, feeding scheme (per tent)            R 25 Thousand
  • Medical Equipment: (Basic, surgical gloves, Anti-Bacteria hand wash etc…)         R 15 Thousand
  • Seating: Plastic Chairs @ $10 each               R 10 Thousand
  • Office equipment        R 35 Thousand
  • Sustainable Economic community program for fish breeding farm
  • Postponed  
  • TOTAL           R2,1 35000.00
  • (Any Assistance will be appreciated and is tax deductible)

Product Donations:

Product donations are always welcome as we continuosly distribute products such as; Canned Foods, Clothing, Bedding and School Materials, should you want to donate goods instead of money.

Our next mission trip to Lesotho is coming up shortly, to go distribute blankets, canned foods, toys and nutritional supplements, and educate leaders on how to administer the distribution of these supplements; you are welcome to join us for a missions trip, please notify us of your intention to join us for a mission trip.

Partnering with us:

Our Web site is near completion, and would like to afford our corporate partners and Other organisations that aid in contributing to the work we perform, to have a web page dedicated for the purpose of mentioning who we partner with and work with as a token of our appreciation of your valid efforts to help us fulfil our mission and mandate.

Contact information:

Cheques can be made out to:

International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit            

Deposits Can Be Made Into Our Account:

Please contact us for further information.

Tel: International +27 74 1007 325     Local 074 100 7325

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For offshore deposits:

Please contact us for further information.

A full report concerning the new base ,Care Centres growth and outreach will be forwarded to you as a seed planting partner. We know that your investment into this mission will bring you great harvest in the future and win many souls for the KINGDOM OF GOD (Matt 6 vs 20)... “But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

Yours in CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Saviour

Tel: +27 74 1007 325

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Foreign Currency

You can make deposits into our Offshore account in the following currencies:







If you wish to send Items via postal service please post to:

International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit

P.O. Box 39991



South Africa


Donate to us

IOSOS is a registered, NON Profit, Public Benefit Organisation with Tax Exemption Status. We accept donations, and you can make them to our bank account below or send us an email or Donate here!

Banking Details: First National Bank
Account Holder: International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit
Account Number: 62104356630
Branch Code: 250837
Branch: Queensburgh Branch

More about us

International Organisation of the Sword of the Spirit offer specialized Medical wound care devices that can be used for; victims of 2nd and 3rddegree burns, Diabetic and Vascular Ulcers, Bed and pressure Sores, Tumors, Insect and Animal bites.

P.O. Box 39991



South Africa


Contact Information

P.O. Box 39991, Queensburgh
Durban, 4070, South Africa
Fax: 086 648 7100
Tel: +27 74 100 7325 / +27 74 121 9944

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